Advantages of Living in a Manufactured Housing Community

At Roberts Communities we offer people the chance to buy modern day manufactured homes that they can turn into home sweet home. Our homes offer families and 55+ active adults a chance to own homes at a lower cost. We also create a sense of community with planned  events the whole family can enjoy. Our homes also share the same appearance at site-built homes, but are more affordable. Today we would like to share 13 other reasons why you should purchase a Roberts Communities home to help you start living the American dream of owning a home.

Own a Home at Roberts Communities

13 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Roberts Communities Home

  1. Payments are considerably lower than for comparably sized apartments and condos.
  2. Most affordable of all housing options. Homes are less expensive to purchase, insure and maintain. Property taxes are lower.
  3. Financing is easy, in-house. Own your home free from debt in 8 to 12 years.
  4. Privacy. You do not share walls and have your own private open space
  5. Yard is large enough for enjoyment, but small enough for easy care that won’t detract from leisure activities.
  6. Easier lifestyle. An energy efficient and near maintenance free home.
  7. Community amenities: private gated entrance, spacious clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness center, children’s playground and lighted streets
  8. Parking two car off-street parking next to house
  9. Energy Efficient. Manufactured Homes are energy efficient and have stringent thermal design standards.
  10. Efficient use of space. Every square foot of a spacious Manufactured Home has a practical use.
  11. Home Quality/Comparability to Site-built Homes. The quality and amenities of modern manufactured homes has dramatically increased. Modern manufactured homes have many of the same features as site-built homes.
  12. Safety. The building materials in today’s manufactured home are the same as those used in a site-built home.
  13. Develop a sense of community with people making the same lifestyle choices.

At Roberts Communities we want you and your family to create your idea of home sweet home. As you can see our communities offer state-of-the-art amenities, a safe environment for families and financing plans that make your dream of owning a home attainable. Contact us today so we can help you find the best manufactured home that suits your need today.