Country Estates


7900 SW 81st Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79119
(806) 513-5652
Country Estates - Where Golden Years Shine Bright - $5k
Country Estates

Country Estates - Where Golden Years Shine Bright - $5k

Country Estates is a premier 55+ manufactured home community in Amarillo, TX, designed for retirees who embrace an active and patriotic lifestyle. At Country Estates, we’re proud to be part of the Roberts Communities family, providing affordable housing solutions and helping individuals achieve their dream of homeownership.

We understand the importance of quality of life, ease of maintenance, and tax benefits for your golden years. Here’s how we’re ready to support you:

๐Ÿ’ฐ Flex Cash – $5,000: We know financial flexibility is key to your journey towards homeownership. That’s why we’re offering $5,000 Flex Cash, which you can use for down payment assistance, moving expenses, property improvements, or even purchasing appliances. We’re here to make your transition to owning a home seamless and stress-free.

Our dedicated team at Country Estates is here to guide you through every aspect of homeownership. We recognize the importance of finding a living solution that aligns with your needs and lifestyle. Let Country Estates be your haven, where your journey to homeownership is celebrated and supported.

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Please note, terms and conditions may apply, and this offer is available for a limited time only. For further details, feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist you.