Oak Ranch Moving to Texas? Here’s What to Know Before Your Move

Moving to Texas? Here’s What to Know Before Your Move

Written by: Danielle Kozich

Moving is an event that just about everyone will face at some point. Some people move because of a job change. Others call a new place home to attend school or to be closer to family members. It’s also not uncommon for a person to move simply to start over. Regardless of your reasons for relocating, one thing is for sure: Texas is one of the most popular states for your move. The largest state in the continental United States, Texas, has a variety of opportunities for work and play for the young and old alike.


Texas Has a Lower Cost of Living Than Many Other States

It’s no secret that it is increasingly more expensive to live. Buying a home, grocery prices, and purchasing other necessary items cost more than in years past, making it particularly difficult for younger people who are trying to get a start in their professions. The good news is that Texas is more affordable than many places in the U.S. For example, the average cost of a new home in Texas is $190,000, with monthly rent being $1,500. Couples can afford larger, nicer homes in the Lone Star state than they’d get for comparable costs elsewhere.




Texas Is Home to Booming Businesses


It isn’t just less expensive homes that draw people to Texas. Big businesses are growing rapidly here too. These companies have higher-paying opportunities than in other states, a fact that appeals to early and mid-career professionals. An impressive list of Fortune 500 companies call Texas home for their headquarters. These include tech companies, oil companies, and airlines.



Taxes Are Low

Property tax sign on a house model.


The taxes you pay should always be a factor in your decision of where to move. Fortunately, Texas is on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to paying the government. For one thing, there is no income tax in the state, so you only have to worry about paying property taxes and sales tax here. Residents pay an average of $3,500 a year in taxes. Compare this to California and Texas, where people’s taxes are a whopping $4,900 and $7,400, respectively.




Hope You Like It Hot

Thermometer Sun 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures


The climate of a place may not be the primary reason for choosing it as a permanent place to stay. But the weather can be a factor. For many people, the prospect of living somewhere with harsh, long winters is not attractive. If you are in this camp, you’ll love Texas. It’s usually mild and pleasant in the winter and hot in the summer. Be aware that summertime temperatures in some locations can reach the high 90s and into the low 100s.





If you are ready to make a change, now is a good time to look for a professional moving company in Texas. The right mover can get you to your new home safely and quickly. Consider these appealing facets of Texas and then research an experienced mover in the state to get you there.