Maintain a Healthy Lawn in Summer

Keep Your Lawn Nice and Fresh

One of the advantages of community living is that community guidelines are implemented to ensure that the area is well kept – as a result the value of the manufactured homes does not depreciate. However, with the summer heat and our busy lives keeping your lawn looking nice and fresh is sometimes a challenge.

Here are some important tips to consider for keeping your lawn looking nice and fresh, especially when the temperatures are high.

Avoid Pesticides and Insecticides

Say no to pesticides and insecticides. Living things like earth worms actually promote rich soil health, naturally aerating the soil to help your lawn stay healthy. As long as you maintain your lawn in the best natural ways, as listed here, you won’t need any chemicals. Healthy grass won’t succumb to the damage from insects or disease.

Mowing Your Lawn

When mowing your lawn, mow on the highest setting. Taller grass tends to be healthier, and can shade out weeds from the sun, which prevents them from growing. Taller grass keeps the soil cool and moist, which encourages grass to grow in bare spots, giving you a fuller, healthier lawn. During hot weather, drought is a constant threat. Tall grass promotes deep root penetration, giving it more resistance to low water access.


Fertilizing at the correct times of the year is important. Fertilizing in the fall instead of during warmer seasons is best. This all goes back to the roots. In cold air, grass blade growth will slow down, but the soil will remain warm enough for growth. If you are building the roots in the fall, they have a better chance of being able to support a healthy green lawn come summertime.

Watering your Lawn

Water your lawn deeply, but don’t overwater by watering too frequently. Healthy grass leaves may be brown, but the heart of the plant underground is likely still healthy if you are taking care of it correctly. To encourage roots to grow deep, let your sprinklers run for one hour once per week or two, instead of watering for 10 minutes each day. The deep moisture will continue to work its way up into the leaves, eventually resulting in a healthy, full lawn.

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