5 Ways to Get Ready for Back to School Season!

The summer is OVER– these are words that nobody is ready to hear. Here are a few recommendations to make the back-to-school struggle a bit easier both for you and your kids!

Sleep/Wake Times

Often during the summer both children and parents relax their sleep and wake schedules to enjoy the freedom that comes with summertime. You might find yourself allowing your kids to stay up playing video games or eating more sugar than usually permitted before bedtime.

Summertime is equivalent to FUN, we get it!

However, it is recommended to get back into a normal routine at least a couple of weeks before the start of the new school year. This will ensure that your kids are well rested on that first day of school.

Sleep and Wake Times

Focus on the Positive

When talking to your kids about going back to school, focus on the positive!  Remind them that they’ll be able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Get them excited about the things they enjoy from school such as sports or extracurricular activities. Remind them that there are many fun activities that come with school!

Focus on the Positive

Setup a Homework Station

Set aside a homework station in your home to encourage study time. If you have an extra room in your manufactured home, use this space as a homework station. Stock up the area with all the essentials for study time. Having a designated area can help establish better routines and positive anticipation for homework time.

Setup a Homework Station
Our manufactured homes have all the space you need to setup a study room!

Visit the School ahead of time

If your child is attending a new school, visiting the school ahead of time can be very helpful. Attend any available orientations offered by the school or schedule a meet & greet with the teachers. Seeing a familiar face on the first day of school can help reduce first day jitters.

Child is Attending a New School

Lead by Example

Back to school season can be a stressful time for parents as they try to get back in a routine. Mornings are rushed, lunch needs to be packed, laundry needs to be ready – whoa! Keep yourself calm in front of your kiddos, they will pick up on your mood and energy. Be assertive and organized but maintain a positive attitude to get them excited about a new school year.

Lead by Example

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