Community Living: The art of making new friends with your neighbors

Mingling With the Neighbors

After moving to a new place, there can be so much to do and get done that mingling with the neighbors is often pushed to the side until later, and often never happens at all. Community living allows residents to come together and form a bond and sense of community while feeling right at home. Sometimes it can be difficult to approach neighbors, especially if you never really see them outside of the house. Here are some tips to help you get to know them and start helping to build a community bond:

Take Walks
Not only do you reap the health benefits of some light cardio outdoors, walking around your neighborhood may also give you the chance to run into someone that lives nearby. Get to know the faces around your neighborhood. Who knows, you may even find a new buddy to walk with every morning.

Spend Time Out Front
Whether it is for yard work or just hanging out on the front porch, being outside of your home makes you more available for conversation starters from passersby. If they noticed you just moved in, they will often take the opportunity to say hello and strike up a conversation. This is a great way to introduce yourself to others and get to know more about the neighborhood.

Have A Yard Sale
This is a very nice way to meet your neighbors and other in the community as a yard sale will attract people from further than just down the street. Everytime someone comes up to look at the stuff you’re selling, strike up a conversation and introduce yourself.

Go To A Neighborhood Meeting
Many neighborhoods and communities will often host monthly neighborhood meetings where everyone in the neighborhood can come together to talk about changes in the community and surroundings areas in sort of a “town hall” style.

At Roberts Communities, we promote a sense of community, and to accomplish this, we provide community based activities that bring you closer to your neighbors. Our social calendars are full of cook-outs, BBQs, and other special events that get you out and mingling with your community. Roberts Communities are not just a place where you come home to and close the door at night and shut out the world, we hope that you will participate in our events to make this a true community; where neighbors aren’t just neighbors, but form lasting friendships. Visit us today at