Manufactured Homes Are Greener Than You Think

Manufactured Homes are Environment-Friendly

Less Waste

Pre-fabricated homes are typically built in factories following specific measurements and guidelines. These construction companies have no need for excess material therefore reduce the waste on site significantly.  

Reuse of Materials

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates that close to 8,000 pounds of waste is produced by conventional home builders on a 2,000 Sq. Ft stick build homes. On the other hand, the waste generated at manufactured home factories is often recycled or reused onsite thus keeping it out of landfills.

Energy Efficient

Many manufactured homes offer packages that include energy-efficient and sustainable materials. Depending on the options available, homeowners can customize their home with energy efficient appliances or solar panels making their pre fab homes pro green!

Less Waste = Less Cost

On average a manufactured home will cost about 15% less than a traditional home. Manufactures will work hard to reuse and recycle materials because this means less cost for them and the consumer.

When purchasing a new manufactured home, opt for builders and communities that have sustainability in mind. Roberts Communities has the perfect home for the family that wants affordable housing while taking care of the environment.